Thursday, September 29, 2005


I want to be an Anti-Diva.

An Anti-Diva is true to herself. She knows herself, her values and spiritual beliefs. She shows integrity in all she does.

An Anti-Diva encourages others to reach their full creative potential, as she does her own creative work.

An Anti-Diva values teamwork over competition, but when she must compete she does so in a way that's respectful of the needs of others.

An Anti-Diva isn't into conspicuous consumption or materialism. No "bling" as a way to show status. The one concession an Anti-Diva makes is to say, "One can never have too many sequins."

An anti-diva is eco-friendly and works for social justice. She strives to be aware of the ways her choices effect others, both in her personal relationships, as well as in her local and global community.

An Anti-Diva values relationships more than "connections." She values creating a meaningful life over making a living.

An Anti-Diva would rather work in the garden than go shopping for shoes.

More to come.

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