Monday, December 05, 2005

Love Triangle

Had a realization this morning.

I've always existed in a sort of love triangle between imagination and that thing most people call reality.

I wondered whether it would be best if I became more grounded. My imagination can fill me with worries. Sometimes I lose perspective. Sometimes the world inside my head acts as a shield, keeping me from experiencing the present moment as deeply. Sometimes it closes me up inside walls where only the steady hand of a trusted love can reach in and bring me out.

At other times imagination is a window, a source of creativity feeding countless possibilities. Life becomes hollow without this. Inner vision allows me to shape experiences and be shaped by them. It keeps me open. It brings things into being from nothing but raw materials and focused attention.

Recognizing this love triangle is freeing.

It's all a part of who I am.

I've decided it's OK to love the vividness of life while loving the ideas it inspires just as fiercely. It's OK to keep my imagination close to my heart while looking outside myself for new experiences to fall in love with.

Each creates the other. No need to choose between them.

Circumstances aren't always a matter of choice, but I can choose how my imagination interacts with the circumstances of my life.

I'm grateful that my life is mostly very happy. It's so much more difficult to imagine good outcomes when illness, loss and conflict dominate the landscape. I'm sure these will visit my life again. All part of the human condition. Maybe I can strengthen my inner vision and be a little more prepared for difficulties when they reappear.

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