Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Red Velvet Chair

I've officially arrived here at blogspot. First I'll unpack my small purple suitcase, then I'm off to work in Gaia Luna, cutting the last of the netting for the deer fence, turning the compost pile.

I'm not one who likes to move from house to house. I prefer to put down deep roots and stay in one place.

The house where I grew up was my home for the first 20 years of my life. I moved 8 times in the next 10 years. Until I found B. Our quiet little life together began 10 years ago this month.

Living in one house for a long time provides a deep feeling of connectedness with ordinary objects and the land. The stillness of staying brings inanimate objects to life. If I listen, I can begin to hear their voices.

This past Sunday, I bought several yards of fabric to slipcover my reading chair in the livingroom. I laid it out to look at in the changing light through out the day. The next evening, when I'd sat reading for a while, the chair gentle told me it really didn't want to wear what I'd bought for it. It didn't feel comfortable in such a bold design. The room agreed. It wanted something more peaceful. After a discussion that included the sofa and the loveseat, the reading chair decided it will be covered in rich cranberry red velvet.

I’ve decided it’s best not to question the wisdom of such a well read chair.

Soon it will be, well, red.

:-), Kay

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