Thursday, July 20, 2006

SACRED SHARDS: Messy Momentum

Finally, a photo.

That wasn't so difficult! Digital camera connected by cable to PC, copy image from camera to PC, upload to blog. Hurray!

Our dining room table has become a production space this week. The reddish brown and white items at the left of the photo are bisque fired pottery pieces waiting to be glazed and high fired. The chocolatey looking pieces on the right are unfired pendants in various stages of drying. The darkest pieces were just made this morning.

In the past 2 days I've sculpted 38 more Sacred Shards pendants, in between teaching lessons and barely tending to household needs.

When I'm in the active (versus contemplative) phase of the creative process the house ends up looking like there was a combined explosion in a laudry mat, convenience store and art supply store.

Eventually, things cycle around to the domestic/practical side. The bills get paid, the laundry washed and put away, the pile of dishes in the sink washed and the refrigerator restocked. The house will eventually return to a state of order, though only temporarily.

If I derail the creative process with "shoulds", like cleaning, precious momentum is lost and nothing moves forward.

A mess is a small price to pay.


  1. Hello Kay - just stopping by. I've been thinking about similar things lately - for me though I'm not sure the dishes do get done unless I make myself do them. 15 minutes of activity can make enough of a dent (and creates a bit of energy) that seems to carry me on to getting on with my REAL work.

    Best wishes from Wales


  2. Oh, those are nice, even from a distance! And portable, too! Come to think of it, I do now tote my laptop from room to room occasionally.

    I'm sure the mess is more than worth the results.


  3. I admire you to be able to do that. I get so easily distracted by clutter and things to do, I have this comulsion to clean up before. I think you are right the mess is worth the creative things one gets done.