Thursday, June 28, 2007

Quiet Return

It's been over two months since I've written here. I've been busily, calmly, happily living my quiet little life, not stopping to write about it beyond my own private pages.

I've spent very little time at the computer over the past two months, more outside planting, weeding, harvesting, ... or inside learning to make jam, baking and eating bread made from scratch for the first time, ... or in the barn working at the pottery wheel ... or planning, painting and beginning to build a new fence for Gaia Luna ... or reading piles of books.

I'm coming back to this blog space from a completely different place within myself, quieter, more centered, feeling happier to live a quiet little life, not quite so interested in telling the world about it.

So, why write here again?

I will write again because the joys of living a quiet little life, though well known to our great-grandparents, are never mentioned by today's mass-consumer culture advertising machine, barely recognized, if ever, by TV or radio or magazines, except to sell products (take Real Simple, for example).

I will write again because, maybe, if I share a few of the simple joys I'm finding, someone else will come upon a jumping off point for creating a quiet little life of her own. Or feel affirmed, or challenged, or inspired, or ... whatever. My life would not have taken the direction it has if not for the examples of so many others encountered by chance in my wonderings on-line.

I am not an expert, just another person quietly living her life, hoping to create depth and meaning in one small corner of the world through a mindful experience of the ordinary, hoping to extend this in a way that makes a difference for Good within my small sphere of influence.

This and love are happiness enough.

©2007 Kay Pere ~ Effusive Muse Publishing

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