Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Signs of Spring: Witch Hazel & Peas

Today in town I saw one of the first indications that spring is right around the corner.

The witch hazel tree in the veterans memorial park is blooming.

Every year this is the first sign that winter has loosened its grip and warmer weather is on its way. First after the snowdrops under our dogwood tree.

It even felt like spring today. Sunny morning, birds singing, warmer than it has been.

I stopped the car and got out to take pictures.

Have been intending to do this for years. Today I did.

The air in the small park was fragrant with the subtle smell of witch hazel flowers.

Inspired, I came home and pulled on my gardening clothes for the first time since late fall.

I cleared away leaves in Gaia Luna and planted peas and garlic. Again, this was a first. Every year I intend to plant peas, intend to plant garlic, but something else always seems more important.

Now there are sugar snap peas and two kinds of hard neck garlic waiting under the ground, preparing to grow.

Around here they say, "Plant your peas on Saint Patrick's Day." Or is it, "Plant your peas by Saint Patrick's Day."? I'm not sure. If it's too early for peas and they never come up, I'll just plant more. I'll probably plant more even if they do come up.

I love fresh peas. All kinds.

The garlic should have been planted last fall, but this is early enough that I think it will be OK to harvest by late August or early September, as is the custom in this area.

Clouds rolled in and rain began to fall as I worked. The cat huddled close in an attempt to stay dry while I continued in the downpour. My wool coat, smelling of wet sheep, kept me warm just the same.

Today, intention became inspiration became action.

Spring is on its way.

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