Saturday, June 05, 2010

BOOKS: Library Used Book Sale 2010

Today was the first day of our local library's used book sale, something I look forward to all year long. I brought home an armload to fill mind and heart in the coming months. They're stacking up my red reading chair where I'll spend this evening browsing through them, building anticipation for future evenings spent absorbed in their contents.

My most treasured purchase this year? (Pictured R, above)
Other fun and interesting finds (stack, above, top to bottom):
I still have a stack of reading material remaining from last year's sale, so I considered not going this year as a way to economize. Then convinced myself it would be good to find gift books for others, for birthdays and Christmas.

Did that.

But also brought home these additional "gifts" for myself. Averaging less than $2 each, they really weren't such an extravagance. Each is an affordable source of hours of entertainment and education.

I can think of worse weaknesses.

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  1. I read Party of One, It is nice to finally read something that agrees with how I feel. I know people that have to be stimulated at all times and have a phone to their ear constantly. I have never been that way. I'm also someone who has never understood the concept of being bored. I have always prefered to just go out and do things from which I have felt that it was always wrong. Many times I have tried to join different groups, but usually go about things alone and always enjoy myself.