Monday, December 29, 2008

ECO ACTION: Disconnecting / Reconnecting

The photo I took earlier today of the cables under the desk in my studio, shows that there's a lot left to do to finish "disassembling all the recording and audio equipment."

With an eye toward conservation, I've decided to rearrange all the electrical connections in the studio, too.

The goal is to eliminate the unnecessary consumption of electricity used in standby mode when the computers, printers, and music gear are off.  (AKA all those little glowing power lights that make the studio look like Christmas even after I've turned everything off and flipped the light switch at the end of the day.)

The solution is to put segments of the studio on separate power strips with ON/OFF switches, to be turned on only when needed.
  • one power strip for the studio equipment I use for teaching and my own practicing/songwriting activities
  • one power strip for the computer and frequently used peripherals
  • one power strip for my recording equipment
  • one power strip--that stays on all the time--for my studio phone/answering machine and cellphone charger
That ought to do it.

I can't stop using electricity and still record my music, but I can reduce what I consume.  This is one step toward making my music studio/office more eco-friendly.

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  1. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Kay, I have done the same. Got some huge power strip for all the equipment, so I can switch them all off at the same time. Helps to sleep at least without the electricity all around. Made me feel like living in a Christmas tree when all the lights are on (standby).