Wednesday, March 25, 2009

GAIA LUNA: Early Spring Seedlings

These are my little plant friends, grown from seeds, planted over the past several weeks.

From left to right: red bell peppers, roma tomatoes, peas, leeks (right top), borage (right middle), onions (right bottom)

The trays and the plastic pots are all recycled or re-purposed.  They're sitting on blocks of styrofoam that come into our home as packaging to keep their soil temperature more even. On cold cloudy days I cover them with sheets of clear bubble wrap from packages we've received.

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  1. Hi, Kay - the little seedlings are looking good. Our Christmas cactus is blooming, and we're clearing out last year's plots and plotting new plots, and we haven't yet begun to plant... but that's coming soon. It is heartening to see your little guys popping up. Here's to spring!