Sunday, May 10, 2009

New Rule: The Ordinary Rules

Haven't posted here for a very long time.

Most of my useful computer time for the past month or so has been focused on getting my recording studio rearranged, up and functional again, then getting work done for a very patient client.

Or I've been distracting myself from the frustration of the studio rearrange by endlessly checking email or Facebook, or reading news online, or reading other peoples blogs, or indulging in random websurfing.

For some reason I'd gotten all self-conscious about always needing to say something here that would be super meaningful, which sort of misses the point of living the Quiet Little Life--that meaning is found in the ordinary.

So I'm back, to resume writing about the ordinary stuff of daily life.

And I resolve to post here even if it feels vacuous to do so.

I hereby give myself permission to be banal, insipid, stilted, awkward, or . . . whatever else it is I'm afraid of being.

I absolve myself of guilt if I write but don't include illustrating photographs.  Similarly, I intend to remain guilt free when photos appear without annotation.

Whose blog is this anyway?

Who made up all these rules about how it's supposed to be done?

Oops. I did.  Or at least I bought into them.

I'm an artist, darn it! I live the creative life, right?  Why can't I uncreate rules--especially the ones saying that things always have to be fancy-pants, intensely interesting or . . . (gasp) creative?

Today, I rip away the ratty old cardboard rule-box, step beyond its stale confines, and begin again.

New Rule: The Ordinary Rules.


  1. Thanks for the reminder that things are okay the way the end up and that everyone is okay the way they are! You are the best :-)

  2. Funny, this is one of your first posts back here, Kay. Since I just started my own blog, the third or fourth post was very similar. I found I was trying to hard to edit how I was writing, let alone what I wrote. Today I have been finding that as I am learning how to use all the software and plugins, I was getting too hung up on how many "visible" or what type of persons out there may be reading me. Well what the heck do I think I started it for? hahaha - perhaps now I can go back to my incomplete sentences and not so "perfect" posts. Thanks for being one of my mentors on this!