Wednesday, May 13, 2009

GAIA LUNA: Garden Girl

I'm Garden Girl again today.  

Going out into the sunshine to get the soil ready for planting, dig up weeds that didn't get removed last fall (like goldenrod roots), and move around some perennials that are in the way.

Garden Girl's Superpowers:
  • cultivating growth and sustainability
  • transforming dirt and seeds into food and flowers
  • turning yard waste and kitchen scraps into rich compost
Superpowers require sunshine, rain, and a variety of microscopic helpers in order to operate.

[NOTE:  I've been posting brief status updates on my Facebook profile nearly every day for the past several months, but not much here.  Decided this morning that I would use some of those as a jumping off point for this space.]

1 comment:

  1. OH!!! Now I see why I had not "heard" how you were for awhile. I had been checking here almost every day since visiting you. I got some worried about how you were, but trusted that when you said you were just going quieter for awhile all was well. OK, now I got to go subscribe to your Facebook page ;-)
    Glad to see you posting here again though. Missed you Kay! SO glad to hear you are out in Gaiya Luna....