Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ECO ACTION: Lines in the Sand

Over at the No Impact Man Blog today, Colin Beavan asked: "Do you have any eco-living lines in the sand?"

Here's my reply.

LINES IN SAND: If something passes through my hands once or for a short period of time and is then thrown away, don't use it. Eat locally grown or make my own as much as possible. If we're not using it turn it off. Walk or bus if possible.

Changes I've made just in the past three months (on top of many others in the past) include:

  • Got my first ever bus pass a few weeks ago ( I live in a suburban area)
  • Using cloth handkerchiefs instead of tissues (found at a yard sale, lacy antique cotton, not noticeably used)
  • Using cloth napkins for meals at home instead of paper (another yard sale purchase)
  • Refusing plastic straws when eating out
  • Trying to take food from home with me in reusable containers when I'm traveling, so I don't have to purchase fast food in disposables
  • Joined a CSA (community supported agriculture) and started getting my half-share pick-ups of very fresh locally grown produce.
  • Carrying a large purse with room for purchases in case I've forgotten my cloth bags
  • Bought (dollar store) and started using reusable mesh bags for fruits, veggies and bagels from the grocery store, instead of plastic produce bags (though I reuse those, too, when I can)
  • Making the switch to pre-owned cast-iron cookware (yard sale) to phase out my battered non-stick pans (non-stick coating lasts only a few years and may be dangerous, cast-iron is practically forever)
  • Phasing out my use of my #7 plastic Nalgene water bottles, will keep them for occasional use, not throw them out. Instead, at home I'm using a drinking glass for water (duh!), and a pint canning jar with a lid for when I'm out and about.

This looks like a lot for just three months, but it really hasn't been a big deal. It's just happening naturally a little at a time.


  1. Kay - it must feel good to make a list of positive changes. That's a good idea.

    Do you have a plan or do you just see opportunities and then take them?

  2. It's a combination of plan and opportunity.

    Back in January I made a list of ECO ACTION goals for myself for the coming year, sort of a plan that didn't really include when or how. Here: http://kaypere.blogspot.com/2009/01/eco-action-2009-green-goals.html

    With that in the back of my mind, the rest just sort of happens as opportunities come along.

    What sort of goals and changes have you made?