Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The little kiln that could.  She's an L&L kiln.  Needs a name.  I'll call her Lana, as in Lana Lang.  Powered by meteor rocks.
Finished glazing and loading this afternoon.  Firing initiated at about 3:45 PM.
Here's what's inside.  There's another layer below the one visible at on the lower right.

And here's what it looked like just a little while ago, glowing amiably in the darkness of the basement.  Alien Power Source at work.
Temperature read-out on its way up, with the glow under the kiln lid showing through.

The glow  under the lid and between the kiln's sections projects onto the basement walls in stripes of yellowish orange, but my camera's shutter speed doesn't go slow enough to capture this.

The picture above was taken over an hour ago.  By now, it's probably reached Cone 5 and is on it's way back down. 

I'll be able to open it tomorrow.  It's always like opening a surprise package.

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